Clean Energy Messaging Poll

We ran a poll to find the clean energy messaging themes that win Republicans the most swing votes

After exposing the electorate to Republican clean energy messaging, the following themes provided the greatest lift in poll numbers



Believe It is possible for the U.S. to develop cleaner energy sources that can also provide more affordable energy.


Believe clean energy is an issue that Republicans in Congress SHOULD care about. (only 50% believe they DO.)


Would feel more favorably toward my Member of Congress if he or she supported policies that promoted clean energy.


Say that instead of regulation, they believe more innovation and better technology that lets us reduce carbon emissions is the best way to fight climate change.


of Democrats and 54% of Independents say a Republican focused on clean energy would be “different than a typical Republican”.

Leading Voices

Republican leadership are proud advocates of Clean Energy messaging

“In other words you can be pro-energy, pro-innovation, pro-growth and pro-environment.”

– Senator Cornyn

“Our energy revolution, brought on by embracing technological advances in exploration, is growing our economy and reducing carbon emissions at the same time.”

Representative McCarthy

“Make energy as clean as we can, as fast as we can”

Chairman Barrasso

Other Questions You May Have

We’ve dug into everything from messaging, voter modeling, issue resonance and potential threats to fully understand the issue.

How many persuadable clean energy voters are there?