Fusion Energy Act (S.4151 & H.R.5244)

The Supercritical Geothermal Research and Development Act (H.R. 8665)

Enhancing Geothermal Production on Federal Lands Act (H.R. 6482)

Innovative Mitigation Partnerships for Asphalt and Concrete Technologies Act (H.R. 7685)

The Harnessing Energy at Thermal Sources Act (H.R. 7409)

Geothermal Energy Optimization (GEO) Act (S. 3954)

Atomic Energy Advancement Act (H.R. 6544)

Geothermal Amendments to Energy Policy Act of 2005 (H.R. 6474)

Efficient Nuclear Licensing Hearings Act (S. 4288 & H.R. 6464)

The Concrete and Asphalt Innovation Act (CAIA) of 2023 (S. 3439)