American Critical Mineral Exploration and Innovation Act of 2020

H.R. 7061



  • Rep. Michael Waltz (R-FL-6)
  • Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ-4)


  • 6/4/20


The American Critical Mineral Exploration and Innovation Act of 2020 provides a framework to expand critical minerals security in the US by improving domestic critical minerals capabilities. The bill does this through expanded resource assessment, streamlined permitting, and research and development (R&D) on advanced critical minerals development strategies and technologies. Through initiatives in both the Department of the Interior and the Department of Energy, the bill spurs innovation in critical minerals production and the growth of a workforce skilled in this sector.


The U.S. is import reliant for 31 of the 35 minerals critical to our energy, defense, electronic, and transportation sectors. Critical minerals are the building blocks of energy storage, electric vehicles, and the cell phone in your pocket. This import reliance weakens national security, limits American innovation, and adds an embedded carbon footprint to important green technologies. Expanding domestic capabilities in critical minerals production brings key industries home, securing both American jobs and a cleaner future.


  • Expands efforts to catalogue national critical mineral assessment capabilities
  • Establishes recurring analysis of critical minerals production, consumption, and recycling patterns
  • Creates an R&D program, Dept. of Interior grants, and a Dept. of Energy Critical Minerals Consortium to improve domestic resources in critical mineral production
  • Creates programming for higher education to build a critical minerals workforce

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