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Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments Act of 2019 (H.R.2699)

The bipartisan Nuclear Waste Policy Amendments Act would authorize privately owned interim storage options in the short-term as requested by stakeholders living near shut down nuclear plants.

Nuclear Waste Administration Act of 2019 (S.1234)

This bill would create a new nuclear waste administration body to have politically independent control over nuclear waste management, similar to what the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is for nuclear safety and security.

Energy Storage Tax Incentive and Deployment Act (H.R. 2096, S. 1142)

The Energy Storage Tax Incentive and Deployment Act would establish an investment tax credit (ITC) for energy storage used at businesses or homes. This will help make energy storage technologies more affordable while working to make a cleaner and more reliable grid.

EFFECT Act (S. 1201)

The Enhancing Fossil Fuel Energy Carbon Technology Act (EFFECT Act) provides the Department of Energy’s Office of Fossil Energy with new resources and tools to develop clean technologies.

Nuclear Energy Leadership Act (NELA) (S. 903)

Modernizing our nuclear sector is vital to ensuring that our electric grid has plenty of zero-carbon flexible power. The Nuclear Energy Leadership Act takes necessary action to achieve these goals.

Advanced Nuclear Fuel Availability Act (H.R. 1760)

Modernizing our nuclear sector is vital to ensuring that our electric grid has plenty of zero-carbon flexible power. The Nuclear Energy Leadership Act takes necessary action to achieve these goals.

Carbon Capture Modernization Act (H.R. 1796, S. 407)

The Carbon Capture Modernization Act is a companion to other financing efforts to dramatically spur more deployment of carbon capture, utilization and storage technologies at coal and natural gas generation and other industrial facilities.

Nuclear Energy Innovation Capabilities Act of 2017 (H.R. 431, S. 97)

NEICA authorizes the development of a versatile neutron source for advanced reactor testing and directs the Department of Energy to prioritize partnering with private innovators to test and demonstrate advanced nuclear reactor concepts.

USE IT Act (S. 383, H.R. 1166)

The bill builds on the bipartisan FUTURE Act, which was signed into law and expands and extends the key 45Q carbon capture tax incentive. It would further support carbon capture technologies through public-private partnerships, permitting improvements and innovative R&D.

Nuclear Energy Research Infrastructure Act of 2018 (H.R. 4378)

Directs and authorizes the Energy secretary to construct a versatile neutron source user facility via funding allocated from the Department of Energy’s Office of Nuclear Energy.

Promoting Interagency Coordination For Review Of Natural Gas Pipelines Act (H.R. 2910)

Expands FERC’s authority to act as the lead agency for coordinating federal environmental reviews of natural gas pipelines under NEPA.

Energy Storage Goals and Demonstration Projects Act (S. 1455)

Sets a goal of developing three commercially-viable energy storage solutions by 2028.

Advancing CCUS Technology Act (H.R. 2296)

Requires the Department of Energy to evaluate and make recommendations to administration-funded carbon capture projects in order to set and meet specific milestones for those projects.

ARPA-E Reauthorization Act of 2017 (H.R. 3681)

Authorizes increased funding for the Energy Department’s ARPA-E through 2022.

Advanced Nuclear Energy Technologies Act (H.R. 5260, S. 1457)

Nuclear has long been the nation’s leading clean baseload source of power but faces challenges in the development and use of small modular reactors and other technologies that produce less waste and are more economically viable to manufacture.

Carbon Capture Improvement Act (H.R. 2011, S. 843)

The bipartisan Carbon Capture Improvement Act provides carbon capture projects access to tax-advantaged bonds issued by municipal and state governments to attract investment in local infrastructure projects.

Hydropower Policy Modernization Act (H.R. 3043)

Improves licensing and re-licensing for non-federal hydropower facilities.

Department of Energy Research and Innovation Act (H.R. 589)

Directs the Department of Energy to begin planning for a fast neutron source and provides for computational modeling support necessary for advanced nuclear engineering and ensures that the private sector will have access to existing national labs’ resources.

Nuclear Energy Innovation and Modernization Act (NEIMA) (S.512)

Directs the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to develop a technology-inclusive licensing plan that promotes safety without being prescriptive, while modifying the cost-recovery mechanism so utilities aren’t on the hook for other companies’ technologies.

Promoting Conduit Hydropower Facilities Act (H.R. 2786)

Cuts federal reviews of small conduit (or energy-recovery) hydropower projects.

Promoting Closed-Loop Pumped Storage Hydropower Act (H.R. 2880)

H.R. 2880 would streamline the federal licensing process for pumped storage hydropower facilities.

Promoting Hydropower Development & Jobs Act (H.R. 2872, S. 2655)

H.R. 2872 and S. 2655E establish a streamlined environmental review process for qualifying non-powered dam projects.

Carbon Capture Act (H.R. 3761)/Future Act (S. 1535)

H.R. 3761 and S. 1535 extend and expand the Section 45Q tax incentive for projects that capture and store carbon from coal and natural gas power plants and other facilities.

Modify Advanced Nuclear Credit (H.R. 1551, S. 666)

Modify the 45(j) production tax credit to remove the 2021 deadline for new reactors to be placed in service and allow public-private partnerships more flexibility to utilize the credit.