Bring American Industry Back

American manufacturing is the cleanest in the world with the highest environmental standards. Unfortunately, countries like China and Russia don’t have the same standards.

We can restore American manufacturing leadership in industries like steel and concrete by strengthening our own supply chains and eliminating dependence from countries that don’t meet our environmental standards.

America manufactures products like steel from this arc furnace

Why bring manufacturing back to the U.S.?

Think global, and lead with America first. U.S. emissions are a smaller and smaller part of the global total – unless we hold other nations accountable, our efforts at home will never solve the problem.

American manufacturing is cleaner. Global industry – China in particular – is MUCH dirtier than U.S. industry. Numerous U.S. laws, programs, and voluntary actions by our industry have resulted in a much cleaner economy.

Steel Plant in China

New Nuclear Buildout Through 2030 by Reactor Vendor

Level the playing field so America can win. China and Russia have been seizing control and building new energy projects in the developing world – raising emissions with outdated coal technology, and risking U.S. dominance in the most strategic energy source of all – nuclear.



Challenge: China and Russia are currently building more nuclear reactors than the U.S. There is an array of new and advanced American designs, but Russia currently accounts for about two-thirds of reactor exports worldwide.


Solution: Today, the United States remains the foremost nuclear power in the world, from our power plants to our nuclear navy. We must invest in America’s nuclear plants to keep them online, and keep our domestic industry and supply chain strong.

Challenge: Steel from China and petrochemicals from India emit more carbon dioxide than American manufacturing.


Solution: Whether it’s higher emitting steel from China or petrochemicals from India, we can level the playing field for American manufacturers – both so we use more of our product at home and export more abroad.

Challenge: China is financing energy and industrial projects in the developing world where the U.S. is not.


Solution: When a third world nation buys a nuclear plant or other energy project from China, China will finance it for them. Our manufacturers are disadvantaged in this process. We can turbocharge U.S. clean energy exports to the developing world by leveraging our export banks.

Challenge: A recent life cycle analysis conducted by the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) National Energy Technology Laboratory on U.S. liquified natural gas (LNG) exports shows that American LNG can be up to 30% cleaner than Russian natural gas.


Solution: The United States is in a unique position to lead on global clean energy action. For example, authorizing liquified natural gas (LNG) export terminals means American gas, produced by America’s workforce can provide cleaner gas to the rest of the world.

USA Steel Production Has Significantly Lower Emission Intensity Than China